Waco Women's Fitness Boot Camp

It's time to love your body again! Texas Fit Chicks offers the most enjoyable Waco women's fitness boot camp around - just ask our many chicks who have loved our program since 2009. We have designed a fun and innovative women's only workout program that focuses on challenging and unique regimens that move the entire body. Time flies during out sessions, and with each routine being different than the next, you'll never get bored.

You'll love our female personal trainers for women in Waco TX as they will push you beyond your limits while staying encouraging and positive. We know that many women shy at the sound of a boot camp, but our women's fitness boot camp in Waco TX is nothing like you've seen before. We leave the serious stuff for the other camps and instead get our girls moving and having a blast. With lively music, great company and modern workout routines, you'll be losing weight and enjoying a girls' night out.

Our Waco women's fitness boot camp is not just fun, it's affordable, too! We know that other boot camps cost hundreds of dollars, and half of them have you running in circles. Texas Fit Chicks is very affordable; our 4-week session is just $159. The more classes you commit to, the less you pay. This is just one incentive for encouraging our girls to set the bar high and make a commitment to their health. You also get the following perks just for being a Fit Chick:
  • Access to the best group of female personal trainers for women in Waco TX
  • Full body composition (body fat percentage and measurements)
  • 30-day meal plan
  • Family friendly recipe ideas
  • Printable grocery lists
  • $15 for extra classes
  • Monetary credit for referrals
At Texas Fit Chicks, we provide a supportive community that encourages Waco women's fitness boot camp as part of an active lifestyle. Being healthy is a way of life, not just something you'll do a few times a week. That's why our Waco personal trainers for women look at the total picture and strive for innovative workouts, wholesome eating and an upbeat attitude about life in general.